Virtual Retainer Checks

As long as your retainers are well-fitting and you are not experiencing any difficulties in order to reduce social contact, as well as being environmentally friendly, All Smiles is now performing retainer checks via tele-dentistry. Just follow the link at the bottom of this page to email us with the requested information and we will reply with recommendations. If your retainers are not fitting well, please contact the office ASAP.

Please send the following IN-FOCUS photos (see samples below).

  • 6 extra-oral photos (3 with retainers in and 3 with retainers out)
  • 4 intra-oral photos (2 with retainers in and 2 with retainers out)

Also include an answer to the following question:

  • How many hours per day are you wearing your retainers?

Please give us a few days to get back to you,

Extra-oral Photos Samples

Intra-oral Photos Samples