SMART - Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique

Safe Amalgam Removal at all smiles dental

Our Holistic Approach to your Dental Health includes SMART!

Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) is a program designed to protect patients and dental staff from mercury releases during amalgam filling removal. For many decades, dentists have used mercury amalgam as a material to fill cavities. However, health-minded patients may be concerned about the potentially toxic effects of these materials in their mouths. At All Smiles Family Dental Center, patients in Barre, Berlin, Montpelier, Plainfield, Marshfield, Middlesex, Orange, Chelsea, Williamstown and the surrounding Central Vermont communities can rely on Dr. Addiego for safe mercury removal.

Mercury in dental amalgam

Dental amalgam is a very versatile material that effectively fills teeth, which is why it has been so pervasively used. However, it is composed of approximately 50 percent mercury by weight. While amalgam is considered safe by the FDA, it has also been classified as a toxic substance by the World Health Organization and it can cause a number of severe deleterious adverse health effects.

The SMART amalgam removal protocol

Dr. Addiego is one of only three certified IAOMT SMART (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) dentists in Vermont. This program was developed to provide rigorous standards for the safe removal of mercury amalgam from patients’ teeth so that neither patients, dental professionals, nor the environment are harmed during the removal process. Dr. Addiego has equipped our office with the specialized equipment necessary to follow this stringent protocol, which includes the following safety precautions, among others:

  • Using an impermeable barrier around the area that is being treated to avoid unnecessary exposure in other parts of the patient’s mouth
  • Providing the patient with external oxygen to prevent accidental inhalation of mercury vapor or particles
  • Wearing protective gowns for the dentist, staff and patient, as well as nitrile gloves and proper head/hair coverings
  • Using filtration and ventilation to remove mercury vapor and particles from the air
  • Collecting mercury amalgam waste separately from other materials and disposing of it properly

Mercury-free dentistry

Some people want their amalgam fillings removed for health reasons, because of concerns regarding the safety of these silver colored mercury containing fillings. Others want them replaced for cosmetic purposes as they do not like the appearance of black, dark fillings and discolored teeth.

The team at All Smiles Family Dental Center, is knowledgeable and highly trained in the treatment of Safe Amalgam Removal.

Patients seeking a mercury safe dentist in the Central Vermont area will find compassionate, gentle, holistic dental care at All Smiles Family Dental Center. If you are concerned about the potentially toxic effects of mercury and are interested in learning more about our safe amalgam removal process, call or text us today at 802-476-8700.

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