Even though more and more of the population has been vaccinated, the CDC and the State of Vermont have not lifted or modified the guidelines for dental offices.

Each patient and visitor MUST complete a COVID-19 Questionnaire at least 24 hours prior to an appointment, and another one upon arrival.

Important information for your upcoming appointment:

  • Please arrive in a timely fashion for your appointment, remain in your car, and call or text the office when you arrive. If you called and we do not answer rest assured we are here, leave a message and we will get right back to you. If you have a smartphone we will text you a link to the pre-screening questionnaire, If you do not have a smartphone, let the staff know, and they will ask you the questions over the phone. Please remain in your car until we contact you that we are ready for your appointment.
  • All e-forms (medical history, etc.) must be completed at home, prior to your appointment. If you do not have access please call our office at 802-476-8700 ASAP.
    • Your arrival time has been adjusted to account for our Covid-19 screening process and check-in. Please do not arrive any earlier than your scheduled time.
    • Please remember to use the restroom to brush and “go” prior to your arrival. Per the direction of the Department of Health, our public restroom is closed.

    • There is an additional and TEMPORARY infection control charge of $30.00 to help cover a portion of the increased cost for materials and PPE that we are experiencing, it also helps defray the cost of new equipment designed to both reduce the generation of and capture of aerosols that we have purchased to keep you and others safe during your appointment. Unfortunately, this will not be reimbursed by insurance.

    • You and a guardian (or helper) are the only ones permitted into the office. All MUST wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose into the office. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you. 

    • If we call you at the time of your appointment, and you have not yet arrived, been screened, and are waiting in your car in our parking lot, your appointment will be canceled and rescheduled, as the new scheduling, procedure does not allow for tardiness.

    • When you are called in for your appointment, please leave all valuables, coats, etc. in the car. The only thing needed for your appointment is a payment method. If you are unsure as to what you will owe, please ask prior to your appointment time. 

    • When you are called in for your appointment, please come to the door and stand on the green X on the concrete. Do NOT touch the door; we will open it for you. Your temperature will be recorded and you will be allowed to enter and sanitize your hands.

    • You will then be escorted to the appropriate treatment area

    We know all of this seems very complex, but all these measures are to keep you and our staff safe and healthy.