Periodontal Disease.

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Gum disease is an inflammatory infection affecting the tissues that surround your teeth and is the leading cause of tooth loss. Gum disease is also known as periodontitis or periodontal disease. With gum disease, bacteria generates toxins that damage the teeth’s connecting tissue and the bone surrounding and holding your teeth in place, eventually causing tooth loss. There are a host of potential causes of gum problems that are both correctable and controllable with proper hygiene and proper treatment. Your All Smiles dentist will consider causes like poor dental hygiene, or functional problems, like teeth grinding or clenching, health conditions including current or chronic medical problems, organic changes in your mouth, and any medications that may negatively effect the health of your gums when diagnosing and defining an appropriate treatment plan.

Frequently, signs of gum disease present themselves with bleeding gums during brushing, bad breath, red and/or swollen gums, loose teeth, or teeth that appear to have shifted. If for any reason you believe you may be suffering from any of these typical signs of periodontal problems, you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Addiego as soon as possible.

Your All Smiles dentist and dental hygienists will measure pockets that may form between your gum and tooth to help determine your condition and treatment. Often the treatment of early gum disease may include tooth scaling, or perhaps deep plane scaling and cleaning at more frequent intervals. We will design and recommend an oral health regimen that will likely include the use of specific tooth brushes and routine, a medicated mouthwash, and daily flossing.

So when should you start bringing your child to the dentist? All Smiles’ Dr. Lynne Addiego, DMD and The American Dental Association both recommend that the first visit to the dentist should be by your child’s first birthday. Your first scheduled appointment will allow your child to be familiar with our office and staff and become accustomed to visiting All Smiles Family Dental Center. Regular visits thereafter will help in detecting problems early.

Many early preventative and restorative modern dental technologies are also available to your child, such as preventative coatings or “sealants” that aid in keeping cavity causing bacteria and food particles away from hard to reach crevices in your child’s back molars, and the cutting-edge ICON treatment that can remove early cavities and white spots on children’s teeth without the need for anesthesia and drilling.