On-site Artisan Denture Lab

Our Barre Montpelier area dental lab allows All Smiles to control the whole denture process from start to finish, ensuring you superb quality, affordable dentures. An on-site denture lab offers several advantages over shipping out your dental impressions to third party labs. Two key benefits are lower costs and quicker turnaround times. There is also less opportunity for dimensional deviation of wax elements, which can occur during shipping due to the effects of outside temperatures. Our denture lab also allows our dentist and lab technician to take all the steps needed to maintain the highest denture fabrication standards, thus attaining optimal outcomes for our patients.

Good quality control is paramount in ensuring your new dentures fit well and look natural in your mouth. For example, at All Smiles we use longer lasting, better looking teeth, as well as heat cure your dentures to initiate the chemical reaction necessary to properly harden your dentures before you wear them. Heat curing, when done properly, can take up to eight hours. It is important to effectively cure the acrylic material that holds your denture’s teeth in place to avoid excessive leaching of potentially harmful chemicals. Heat curing also reduces the risk of flexing and fracturing your dentures. We never utilize inferior bench or microwave cold cure processes like some “same day” quickie denturists.

At All Smiles, our patients deserve all the information needed to make wise choices. In a world where the landscape is dotted with “same day” denture mills that offer “affordable” quick solutions, sacrificing quality, comfort, and exceptional fit in order to offer a “too good to be true” bargain basement price, it is comforting to know there is an place right here in central Vermont where the dentists really care. Bargain basement dentures are no bargain at all if your dentures are ill fitting and cause you ongoing pain and discomfort. At All Smiles Family Dental Center all adjustments are included in the cost of your dentures, and our denture lab workmanship is fully guaranteed for six months, versus the typical “60 days and then you’re on your own” policy of some out of town denture labs.

You owe it to yourself to make the call today to arrange a no cost, no obligation, initial consultation to learn more about our comfortable and natural appearing dentures and all the options available to improve your smile and facial appearance. Are you All Smiles? You can be. Call 1-800-377-2339 or 1-802-476-8700