No-drill/No-fill Cavity Repair

Until now, Vermont family dentists have lacked a suitable treatment method for early cavities, such as when X-ray findings show a mild legion on your tooth, and they had only two choices in the treatment of cavities: use fluoride therapy to remineralize enamel in very early stages, or wait helplessly for the early cavities to continue to deteriorate until it is time to “drill and fill”.

All Smiles proudly introduces ICON, the revolutionary treatment to remove early cavities and white spots without the need for anesthesia and drilling. With Icon, your All Smiles dentist can stop the progression of an early cavity with a fast and simple treatment all in one visit, before using a needle and drill. Instead of waiting for an early legion or white spot to turn into a cavity that requires a drill and fill restoration, Icon enables All Smiles to immediately treat lesions, thus avoiding the unnecessary loss of healthy tooth structure when fillings are required.

How does the Icon procedure work? Icon works on the initial stages of cavities through a resin infiltration process. First, a gel is applied that opens the pores of the area of the tooth affected, then the Icon resin is administered and penetrates the lesion pores, and then the material is smoothed and light cured. Lesions infiltrated by Icon take on the appearance of your surrounding healthy enamel. The whole treatment time per lesion is about 15 to 20 minutes. If you live close to the Barre Montpelier area and are tired of painful drilling every time you get a cavity, come to All Smiles Family Dental Center.

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