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So what is “family” dentistry? How does a family dentist differ from a general dentist? The key role of both a general and a family dentist is maintaining the good condition of your teeth, gums, and maxillofacial (jaw and  face) area. In other words, both family and general dentists provide crucial services directly related to oral hygiene and tooth health. Unlike some general dentists who may specialize in the care of only one age group, such as a pedodontist, who only works with young children, the family dentists at All Smiles Family Dental Center care for patients of all ages in the Barre Montpelier area. Family dentistry at All Smiles offers comprehensive preventative care and treatment to a wide variety of Vermont patients, from very young children to older adults, including seniors.

Our Vermont family dentist, Dr. Lynne Addiego, DMD, completed numerous hours of continuing education in dental advancements pertaining to dental implants, periodontal (gum) therapy, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry.  In our practice at All Smiles, we are ceaselessly searching for ways to improve the patient experience. Dr. Addiego’s nursing background contributes to her holistic approach to dentistry. “Your total health is affected if the condition of your teeth and gums are compromised”, says Dr. Addiego. In planning your care, Dr. Lynne considers the whole person and your individual needs. She involves you in the care planning process, making sure you receive the most optimal patient care and comfort.

We accept most major dental insurance. We also offer convenient monthly payment plans with no interest and low interest third party options with approved credit from CareCredit® and Chase Health Advance. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about insurance, payment options, and associated costs call: (802) 476-8700.


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