Dental Implants

A dental implant is simply a small, yet resilient, titanium post that actually fuses to your jawbone and acts as a root replacement. They are a type of prosthetic dentistry used for the replacement of a complete tooth when a patient suffers tooth loss. Dental implants can be used for single or multiple tooth replacement.

An advantage of dental implants is that they offer the look and feel of natural teeth. They are perfect for replacing a single tooth, as they don’t rely on or affect adjacent teeth, and there is none of the grinding or crowning of your natural teeth that happens when bridges are utilized. Poor fitting dentures are a common reason new patients come to us to consider implants. They may have difficulty chewing or are just afraid of loosing their dentures while talking or dining out. Most denture patients treated with dental implants experience a significant improvement in their ability to chew food, and they report that the implants are far more comfortable than traditional dentures and well worth the added investment.

The dental implant is inserted into your upper or lower jaw bone. It will take time for your bone cells to grow around your implant and your gums to heal. When you’re ready, the dentist will connect a post and, once fabrication is completed, your replacement teeth. The whole process will take multiple visits and several months to complete. Implants can hold a crown, bridge, or over-denture just like roots hold natural teeth in place.

Titanium metal is used because of its compatibility with human bone and oral tissues. Titanium will bond irreversibly to living bone tissue, creating a durable, long-lasting anchor for your replacement tooth.

Missing teeth will cause significant loss in the bone structure that once supported your missing tooth or teeth. Missing teeth cause your face to collapse, making you look much older than you are. With dental implants, the result is not only a dramatic enhancement of your smile, but this treatment can also restore the shape of your face, giving you a more youthful appearance.


You care for your new implanted teeth the same way you would your natural teeth: with regular dental check ups and by brushing, flossing, and rinsing. No, implants don’t get cavities, but it is extremely important that you commit to maintaining healthy gums by keeping plaque away from your gum tissue and bone. Your All Smiles dentist and hygienist will make recommendations for oral hygiene.

Dental implants can be the perfect solution for patients who have lost one or more teeth due to periodontal disease or injury, but are generally in good oral health. Candidates for them need to have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. If you're from Vermont and interested in dental implants, call All Smiles Family Dental Center, located in the Barre Montpelier area, at 1-800-377-2339, or click here to contact us to set up an initial consultation to learn if you are a good dental implant candidate. Following a thorough evaluation by your All Smiles dentist, we can then determine whether they are right for you.

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