Dental Health For Kids


As a Vermont “family” dental center, All Smiles endeavors to make regular dental visits for children as pleasant and kid-friendly an
experience as possible. Our staff and dentists try to make apprehensive children overcome whatever fears they may have, allowing kids to feel comfortable enough to be happy and willing patients.

Our All Smiles dentist and staff will communicate with you and your child with easy to understand explanations of your child’s dental care. We have several images that can be displayed on screens to help explain preventative care, brushing, and other oral hygiene care, as well as use of fluoride and other dental treatments. All Smiles works with parents to teach children good oral health habits. Our dentists highly recommend, and make available to our patients, toothpastes, gums, and rinses that contain Xylitol, a completely natural bacteria fighting sugar alternative that is safe and extremely effective for fighting tooth decay in children. Studies show that oral hygiene products combining fluoride with Xylitol are more effective in combating the causes of cavities than with using fluoride alone.

So when should you start bringing your child to the dentist? All Smiles’ Dr. Lynne Addiego, DMD and The American Dental Association both recommend that the first visit to the dentist should be by your child’s first birthday. Your first scheduled appointment will allow your child to be familiar with our office and staff and become accustomed to visiting All Smiles Family Dental Center. Regular visits thereafter will help in detecting problems early.

Many early preventative and restorative modern dental technologies are also available to your child, such as preventative coatings or “sealants” that aid in keeping cavity causing bacteria and food particles away from hard to reach crevices in your child’s back molars, and the cutting-edge ICON treatment that can remove early cavities and white spots on children’s teeth without the need for anesthesia and drilling.

Early childhood dental care at All Smiles offers the additional benefit of being able to provide your child with excellent orthodontics care in-house. Our staff is trained to know when it is necessary to refer you to our orthodontist, Dr. John F. Steinman, to remedy an overbite, crooked teeth, or other problems that may require correction early-on to achieve optimal outcomes, prevent potential oral health problems later on, and give your child the awesome smile she or he deserves!

Believe it or not, regular dental care starts before your baby’s first tooth appears. A baby’s teeth start to form during the second trimester of pregnancy. When your baby is born, she or he already has 20 primary teeth, with some fully developed in her or his jaw. Running a damp cloth over a baby’s gums can help eliminate harmful bacteria that can contribute to the development of cavities when your child’s teeth do appear. Yes, even babies can have problems with tooth decay. Feeding problems like “bottle mouth” cause pocked, pitted, or discolored front teeth and are signs of bottle feeding oral health care problems.

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